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Course: Social Media Content Design

Course: Social Media Content Design
Duration: 15 lectures (each lecture lasts three hours)
Total: 45 hours 

Course Content: 

1. Introduction to social media content design and its importance. 

2. Basics of Adobe Photoshop: Familiarity with the interface and basic tools. 

3. Designing simple social media posts using Adobe Photoshop. 

4. Effective use of colors and fonts in content design. 

5. Basics of Adobe Illustrator: Familiarity with the interface and basic tools. 

6. Designing graphic elements and ads for social media using Adobe Illustrator. 

7. Designing attractive Facebook posts. 

8. Designing attractive Instagram posts. 

9. Designing attractive WhatsApp posts. 

10.Evaluating and making final content adjustments. This program aims to provide participants with the skills necessary to design attractive and effective content for various social media platforms and improve their ability to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator effectively to achieve online marketing goals. 

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